4/9/18 MMNs Week 31

Happy Masters Day!

A FUN week of performances just ended, another lies ahead. Congratulations to all!

Tuesday, 7pm - Color Guard and Percussion Studio Recital
Thursday, 11 am - SCF Jazz Festival
Friday - PROM

Our Standard of Excellence continues, please continue to support our Mustangs!

Now back to the telecast..........

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Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

UTC Performance

Hello LRHS Concert and Jazz Band Families!

I have received the answers that I needed from the folks at UTC so that I could pass along to you information about our event Saturday. Of course feel free to reach out if you have any further questions. I'm here for you! Here goes:

1. Call Time for Wind Symphony, Symphonic Winds, Jazz 1 and 2 kids is 5:30pm at the LRHS trailer.
2. The trailer will be located on the EAST side of UTC (facing 75) by the Kona Grill.
3. Eat well before you come - water will be provided, but not food. 
4. Parents are welcome to attend - bring a lawn chair if you want to sit!!!
5. Performers will wear Formal Wear, Parents and Families attending should wear nice "Florida Wear" appropriate for the weather. Shorts, sandals, Jeans, tennies are fine, just look good :)
6. Students are dismissed once their Group has finished performing. Any kids staying to watch other groups MUST BE ON THEIR BEST BEHAVIOR!! This is a critical public impression we are making and I want to represent LRHS with the utmost class and professionalism. I'm trusting you.
7. The performance order will be Solo & Ensembles, Symphonic, Solo and Ensembles, Wind Symphony, Intermission, Jazz 2, Jazz 1.
8. We will load the trailer during 7th on Friday and unload it during 2nd on Monday. No one will need to follow me back to the Ranch Saturday evening.

This performance opportunity is an extension of a great relationship we have built in our community. Please try to come out and support our kids! Make a date night of it and invite your friends and family!!! 


Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

4/3/18 MMNs Week 30

Hello Band Family - Happy Easter!!!

Please take a moment to read the MMN and get ready for the Thrill Ride that is 4th Quarter BandLand!!

I will send out all details and itinerary for the UTC performance in a separate email tomorrow.

Bring your Best Work Ethic and a Great ATTITUDE Mustangs - that will determine our ALTITUDE!

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Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

3/20/18 Updated Spring Schedule

Hello Band Family, it's me again....

You will find attached to this email the NEW and Improved (and awesome) Spring Band schedule.

Why are there adjustments? The answer is simple - I like to plan waaaay in advance and sometimes things arise and change on campus or within the activities that we participate that warrant adjustment on our end. A simple change to a date (like moving the faculty awards night 2 weeks) sets a process in motion whereby things have to move. Flexibility is one of our greatest attributes!

Please Read and Post this schedule. Please avoid conflicts if at all possible. Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

I am very excited about the performance opportunities in Quarter 4 for all of the members of our band and color guard! I took great care to leave space for personal time, PROM, Graduation and exams. Band will round out your already wonderful lives, adding beauty and serving the community!!! We are going to cap off this school year right! 


Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

3/18/18 MMNs Week 29

Hello Band Family!

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Florida weekend! The Boston camp has drawn to a close and I can head home soon.

Please read and process the many details in the MMN this week. Our week leading up to Spring Break is action-packed and oh-boy is it it exciting when we return!!! Lots of amazing performance opportunities lie ahead for our Mustangs! Get ready to get in the saddle!

Happy Holidays to all of you. It means so much to me that we are a great band family!

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Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

3/11/18 MMNs Week 28

Happy Sunday evening Mustangs

Thank You for your support and efforts through all of our latest endeavors.

We are MUSTANG proud, We are MUSTANG strong. PRIDE in our organization is what makes our standard of excellence endure and the Band Room a safe and worthwhile place for us all to be! I am so excited about what lies ahead!

Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands


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3/5/18 MMNs Week 27

I'm sorry Mustangs. 

It is so hard to lose a family member. Especially when our band family is so close. It really hurts.....

The pain reaches deep but our collective strength is incredible. We will endure together. I am ALWAYS here for you - you are ALWAYS there for me. LOVE and COMPASSION will guide our hearts. MUSIC is the thread that binds us all.

I am so glad that we have a safe place, a home in the band room - I can't wait to see you there this week.

Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

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*Please make note of the 4:45pm report time for Symphonic - Chairs and stands will already be on stage, rehearsal begins promptly at 5pm.

2/26/18 MMN Update

Hello Mustangs

There have been many times this year that our band has been forced to be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances - rain, hurricanes, A/C, new carpet, tragedy and more. I do my best to keep you very informed and to the best of my ability, give you details as soon as they are available. As a family man, I understand the importance of organization and being pro-active. That is why I am willing to make changes when they are warranted. VISION is important, but so is understanding.

Here a couple of things that have come across my desk today that make it necessary for me to change course:

1. I received a phone call at 4:30pm this afternoon from R, Dan Nolan HS. Due to the crazy week they experienced there last week (repercussions of the Parkland tragedy), they have RESCHEDULED the March 1st Appreciation Rally for Thursday, March 15. I will put together a new set of trip forms and get them out to you ASAP.  Mrs. Gee was very apologetic and felt terrible but they are dealing with all they can to reestablish normalcy after the lockdown and back pack day. Security and comfort are paramount. I. of course had no problem understanding - we have had our own issues here on campus. One benefit of the re-schedule is the ability to take some members of the BAND as well. Details to follow - it is a marvelous opportunity to recruit!

2. Student conflicts have made the Orlando weekend on March 23rd and 24th impossible. I have withdrawn our Jazz bands from the UCF Jazz festival and from State MPA. Soloists that received Superior ratings on Grade 5 or higher solos and ensembles are still eligible to go. I will have a new packet for those students as soon as I can get it completed.

Please consider the many hours that go into planning and executing our activities. I don't take any changes lightly and put much care and thought into every decision, knowing the ripples our schedule and any re-direction of it creates in your lives. 

Thank You - please mark your calendars. 

Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

2/25/18 MMNs Week 26

Hi Mustangs!

Busy times, great times. Our intermediate goals are to have the very best performances possible over the next few weeks at our Pre-MPA concert on March 6th, Concert MPA on March 9th, and of course at the Winter Guard regionals that we attend. FOCUS your energy towards SUCCESS!!!

Keep the March 23rd and March 24th State Jazz and Solo Festival and UCF Jazz Festival on your mind! More details to follow soon.

Winter Guard rehearses 6-9 Monday, 3-6 Tuesday this week, Regional on Saturday. Keep your amazing results coming! Work Hard to get better.

SIGN UP FOR BAND, RECRUIT. See me for signatures.

Enjoy your Sunday. We are leaving to go on a Dolphin cruise to celebrate my daughter's birthday! See you tomorrow!

Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

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*There is a date typo on the MMN. The days and performances are correct, but in one of the paragraphs I typed Thursday the 27th. Tuesday is the 27th, Thursday is March 1st.

1. We are hosting the Nolan MS concert here on Tuesday, February 27th
2. The Drum Majors, Color Guard and Drumline are performing at Nolan MS on Thursday, March 1st


2/20/18 MMNs Week 25

Hello Band

We had a lot on our plate this past week. The tragedy at Stoneman Douglass added to the load but we stayed the course and had GREAT performances at MPA and on Main Street. THANK YOU!!!

There are lots of important details in this week's notes. Enjoy your long weekend then come in ready to PERFECT our Concert MPA selections!!! Those of you going to state for Jazz and S&E, celebrate now and then get to work!

Here's what we have ahead of us:
Wind Symphony: 7 Classes + a February 27, 2:30-4pm Rehearsal
Symphonic Winds: 7 Classes + a NEW Rehearsal March 6, 5-6:30pm

Every second counts, the most dedicated performers will make it to the stage for MPA. 

See you Tuesday!!! 

Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands


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2/12/18 MMNs Week 24

Hello to all in LR BandLand!

This is a good 'ol fashioned "get-er-done" week band!!!  Hard work and focus will pay off! 
Please read the MMN carefully and KNOW the details that apply to you! 

1. Wind Symphony student sectionals begin Monday!
2. Solo and Ensemble Festival Friday and Saturday!
3. Boston Crusaders camp Friday-Saturday-Sunday!
4. Main Street Parade Saturday!
5. Winter Guard rehearsals Tuesday and Thursday!

I'm committed to being there for you - Let's Go!!!!!!

Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands


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2/5/18 MMNs Week 23

Hello Mustangs!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. YOU SHOULD SEE YOUR WINTER GUARD IN HERE WORKING!!!! It is so inspirational to see the level of commitment and effort. I am so proud.

Thanks for an amazing Jazz S&E recital - the kids were awesome and the crowd was too!

The DrumLine will be here in a couple of hours for to load the bus for the Regatta Drum Off!  Let's Goooooooo!

exciting times in BandLand.......PRACTICE

Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

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1/29/18 MMNs Week 22

Good afternoon Mustangs!

Once upon a time while surfing the net, I came across a wonderful motivational pic. It's now My favorite viral meme:

1.  I'm sorry I'm a mean band director.
2.  I'll try to be nicer.
3.  1 & 2 are LIES, GO PRACTICE!

HaHa - Luv Ya!!   Trust me, You'll feel better when you have mastered your solos and MPA music. Let's Have a great week!

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Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

1/16/18 MMNs Week 20

Hello Mustangs!  

We have 2 classes for everyone this week - let's make the most of them! FOCUS - REHEARSE. PRACTICE at home. That is a recipe for success. Please get on board!  That is our culture.

B-Ball Band Friday night for a BIG Braden River Rivalry game!!! Sign Up!!!! It will be a blast!! Details to come.......

Boston Crusaders at the Ranch this weekend!!!  Sign Up to volunteer!!! We need YOU!

Our Winter Guard is competing Saturday morning! If you are a LRSIP Parent/Chaperone/Driver, we have a meeting Thursday at 6pm. Kids - Let's get a HUGE group of Mustangs to make some noise in the stands for our guard!!!!

Let's have a great week!

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Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

1/8/18 MMNs Week 19

Happy New Year!

I can't wait to see you tomorrow band family! Break has been a great opportunity to recharge and prepare for a great Spring semester!

1. All of your solo and ensemble entries are registered - please put in the work to make the experience a SUPERIOR one for you!

2. We implemented a powerful database this week called Schoology. Details will come from all of your teachers soon, but I have already gotten your accounts up and running! There is already content for the Wind bands and Jazz bands in folders that you can view. I am so excited to supplement your learning with this tool!

3. All MMB members are expected to be at the awesome MLK parade on Saturday. They love us there!

RESOLVE to make 2018 great in all facets of your life. Your ATTITUDE determines your ALTITUDE!!!


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1/3/18 2017-18 LRHS Bands Spring Schedule

Hello LRHS BandLand Family!!

Happy Holidays. I hope that you have all cherished your time with loved ones. I know that you have enjoyed some time away from school - I have! I also think about you all often and can't help but have our future on my mind. I'm always planning..........I am so excited about what lies ahead for the spring of 2018 and beyond!

I am enclosing a DAILY breakdown of every week from now until the last day of school. I hope that it helps you to remain organized, to plan accordingly and to avoid any conflicts. I have taken great care to put this schedule together over several months taking into account school activities, field trips, testing, prom, graduation, breaks etc.  It is always my desire to have a rigorous and relevant experience planned for you that also allows SCHOOL TO COME FIRST and for you to HAVE A LIFE. I do that out of respect for you. Please reciprocate by using this information to stay on top of your personal schedules.

Enjoy the rest of your week!  I am excited to see our Winter Guard members tomorrow morning. I will see the rest of you Monday!

2017-18 LRHS Bands Spring Schedule

12/11/17 MMNs Week 17

PRISM and the Silent Auction were AWESOME! Thank You. LRHS Jazz represented us all with "Swingin" grace. a very successful week for everyone on Team Mustang.

4 BIG Events this week!

1. LRBBA Booster Meeting, 7:30pm in the Choir Room
2. Lakewood Ranch Indoor Guard and Percussion begin with Auditions and Rehearsals
3. The Boston Crusaders are at the Ranch Friday-Sunday
4. Chair Auditions in Wind Band classes

We need the help of band parents and students alike. Get Involved! Contact me at lambertr@,manateeschools.net with any questions.

Let's Have another great week Mustangs!

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