1/8/18 MMNs Week 19

Happy New Year!

I can't wait to see you tomorrow band family! Break has been a great opportunity to recharge and prepare for a great Spring semester!

1. All of your solo and ensemble entries are registered - please put in the work to make the experience a SUPERIOR one for you!

2. We implemented a powerful database this week called Schoology. Details will come from all of your teachers soon, but I have already gotten your accounts up and running! There is already content for the Wind bands and Jazz bands in folders that you can view. I am so excited to supplement your learning with this tool!

3. All MMB members are expected to be at the awesome MLK parade on Saturday. They love us there!

RESOLVE to make 2018 great in all facets of your life. Your ATTITUDE determines your ALTITUDE!!!


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1/3/18 2017-18 LRHS Bands Spring Schedule

Hello LRHS BandLand Family!!

Happy Holidays. I hope that you have all cherished your time with loved ones. I know that you have enjoyed some time away from school - I have! I also think about you all often and can't help but have our future on my mind. I'm always planning..........I am so excited about what lies ahead for the spring of 2018 and beyond!

I am enclosing a DAILY breakdown of every week from now until the last day of school. I hope that it helps you to remain organized, to plan accordingly and to avoid any conflicts. I have taken great care to put this schedule together over several months taking into account school activities, field trips, testing, prom, graduation, breaks etc.  It is always my desire to have a rigorous and relevant experience planned for you that also allows SCHOOL TO COME FIRST and for you to HAVE A LIFE. I do that out of respect for you. Please reciprocate by using this information to stay on top of your personal schedules.

Enjoy the rest of your week!  I am excited to see our Winter Guard members tomorrow morning. I will see the rest of you Monday!

2017-18 LRHS Bands Spring Schedule

12/11/17 MMNs Week 17

PRISM and the Silent Auction were AWESOME! Thank You. LRHS Jazz represented us all with "Swingin" grace. a very successful week for everyone on Team Mustang.

4 BIG Events this week!

1. LRBBA Booster Meeting, 7:30pm in the Choir Room
2. Lakewood Ranch Indoor Guard and Percussion begin with Auditions and Rehearsals
3. The Boston Crusaders are at the Ranch Friday-Sunday
4. Chair Auditions in Wind Band classes

We need the help of band parents and students alike. Get Involved! Contact me at lambertr@,manateeschools.net with any questions.

Let's Have another great week Mustangs!

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12/4/17 MMNs Week 16

It's Prism Week!
it's prism week.

Details, spirit, enthusiasm, excellence. It takes all of the above to make this event special. Please be on time for all rehearsals, come with a great attitude and ENTERTAIN your audience. I Love Prism Week!

And not to be overlooked, BOTH of our Mustang Jazz Bands will be on the bill at the Clearwater Young Lions Jazz Festival, an honor reserved for programs regarded among the best! We are going to swing, swing, swing!

Let's Goooooo Mustangs!

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Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

11/20/17 MMNs Week 14

Happy Thanksgiving Mustangs! 

I am thankful for you. I am experiencing all of the emotions you can imagine that come with our season ending yesterday, but I am steadfast in my appreciation for the students and parents that make up our band family.

Please take a moment to read my reflections in the MMN. Please enjoy your holiday.

Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

11/13/17 MMNs Week 13

Hello Band Family!!!

I am getting the MMN out to you early this weekend because I want all of our members and families to have plenty of time to prepare for the week ahead. All of the details have come together for an incredible crescendo to the end of our season.

It is States Week!! Let's make the most of it. I need EVERYONE at EVERY rehearsal. This week is full of traditions like spirit theme week, senior testimonials and INTENSE rehearsal so we need YOU. Please tell your bosses and coaches that this is the push to states. They will understand. This band knows how to finish -- we charge across the finish line! We do it together.

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Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

10/31/17 MNNs Week 11

Here are details for our rehearsals and Performances this week. More information will come as some of the behind the scenes details are worked out, mostly for LRBBA Parent volunteers and Ranch Hands.

Official schedules for the shows are posted in CHARMS. 

Come out to help, come out to enjoy!!!!

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Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

10/22/17 MMNs Week 10

Good evening Mustangs!

Thank You for representing our band and school so well at the Braden River HS game! Powerful in the stands, classy and powerful on the field, classy and friendly afterwards. That is how its done. That is the FUN and GOOD band experience that I always talk about!

A full week of great rehearsals and performances plus a full Saturday of judging prelims and finals yesterday has me fired up to get even better this coming week!!! REDEMPTION will move to another level by Saturday. 

Please read the schedule, have a firm grasp on our task at hand and let's accomplish a short term goal of refining a show that will earn a Straight Superior rating Saturday! None of what we accomplish comes without hard work and dedication to being the best.  

Friday is Senior Night. Study the details so that we can celebrate or awesome senior class the right way!!

I am grateful for you everyday,

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Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

10/15/2017 MMNs Week 9

Happy Sunday Mustangs

Your Marching Mustang Band has done it again! Another fantastic week of hard work showed up on Saturday night and resulted in their 3rd straight Braden River Invitational Grand Championship!!! I am so proud. I am so blessed to be your Director.

You know me, I've already got a whole list of "what's next". We are in a great position to fine-tune this production to have a great showing at FBA MPA on Oct 28 and FMBC State Championships on Nov 18. We will get to work cleaning and adding right away in classes and on the asphalt.

2 HUUUGE goals; Straight Superiors at FBA and a FINALS Performance Saturday Night in the Tropicana Dome. I never value competition over Education - I believe I have a vision of a program where Competition is PART of Education. We strive to learn and grow and emerge past our comfort zones and to compete with ourselves, to be the best LRHS MMB that we can be. Then we see how that stacks up when the judges see it. I am not too shy to say I want the best for all of our students!!!! We have a standard of Excellence that Continues!

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Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

10/10/17 Updated Schedule

Hello Band Family

Here is the most recent Performance Calendar.  Please check against your own to verify availability, give coaches and bosses advanced notice.

Some highlights are this Thursday's news taping and Marching Band Portrait Day on Nov. 11th! Of course BRHS competition, MPA and State FMBC are ahead as well. The 12/7 Prism Concert and 12/9 Jazz Festival on the Ruth Eckerd Stage are not to be missed!

I hope you'll accept my apologies for the fluid calendar. I do try to give you plenty of time (early April the year before) to plan, but Mother nature stepped in big time this year! It isn't always like this - I promise.

Let's continue the amazing growth!

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Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

10/9/19 MMNs Week 8

Good Morning Mustangs

Whew! Long day yesterday, but I am grateful to have spent it with you ! We are blessed to have the hardest working parent volunteers in support, a great staff and of course outstanding band members. I am proud to be a part of it all! We are well known in the activity for doing it right. An organization of class and consistency.

Our goal for this week: continue to grow, strive to excel, rehearse well and Perform Great! Let's Go!!

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Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

10/2/17 MMN's Week 7

Hello Mustangs

What a Great week of hard work and performance we just had! That's how you do it band!

Middle School Night and football rocked, Part 1 and 2 are filled with tons of exciting new choreography and the Guard book is COMPLETE for those movements!!!! I am sooooo very proud of everyone for contributing to what is already a successful year! This week we take it on the road!

Congratulations to those students that auditioned for the Florida All-State Ensembles Saturday without missing a beat; Michael Miller, Jenna Brooks, Eric Miller, Lenora , Victoria Pugh, Scott Baker, Ethan Horn, Trey Thompson, Aaron Washington, Lenora Galeziowski and Quinn Mitchel! You represent all that is great about the band kids here at the Ranch.

Check CHARMS! New drill coordinates and video, Durant maps and details. Be organized and Prepared!

LRBBA booster meeting Tuesday, 7:30pm in the band room. BE THERE! Be a part of the BEST parent organization on campus. The parents are instrumental in helping me bring the vision of the Green Machine to life! I am so grateful.

Let's have a great week!

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Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

9/25/17 MMN's Week 6

Hello LRHS BandLand,

Those of you who follow me on any social media know the adventure that I have had since I saw you Friday night: a flight to Boston Saturday afternoon and then immediate 21-hour drive back to Florida to get things that we need. You're that important to me! After a good night's sleep tonight I will be pumped to get this week underway: Improving skills in our classes and adding to the show after school!

Ranch Hands - please stay tuned for information regarding this week - there is a lot to do behind the scenes so that we can have the props in this week and so that we can take care of any maintenance on Podiums, instruments, props and trailers. This will be the first 2-trailer game so we will set those expectations as well!

Let's continue to get Better EVERY day.  You are all incredible performers and families that deserve nothing less!  I promise to lead the way. THANK YOU for your dedication.

Let's Goooooo Mustangs!!!

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Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

9/18/17 MMN's Week 5

Hello Mustangs

Band Kids: Let's go! It's time to show our RESOLVE in the face of trying circumstances! A little weather can't stop us!! You have worked so hard thus far to create the makings of a special year. let's keep building! Practice Perfectly - Perfect Practice makes Perfect Performance.

Ranch Hands and Chaperones - please plan on coming as early as possible Friday (we rehearse 2:30-5, then eat and have the Homecoming game). This will be a great opportunity to start getting our systems in place. I hope to have the majority of the props in for Friday so our post-game performance will be a stress-free run.  Stay tuned for more details from your coordinators!

ALL- STATE kids: It is time to start coming by my office to play for me. I am very interested to hear how your scales and excerpts are coming along - Auditions are the 30th!

See you all this week! These are exciting times in LRHS Bandland!

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Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands


Hello Mustangs

I know that everyone's family has different levels of adjustment following hurricane Irma. Let's support each other, love each other and be kind to one another as we go through this healing time. I want you to know that I am happy that we have survived and I am ecstatic that we have a band family to return to. For those of you that I saw today, thank you for bringing light to this very dark week. It was great to hear your laughter and to have the building filled with music and guard once again. For those that I will see on Monday, I can't wait to have us all together again!

I won't inundate you with lots of information. Let's just look at the next 2 weeks. I will follow with more up on MMN:

1. The FBA has extended the window for All-State Auditions due to Irma and the aftermath. After much discussion and deliberation they have decided that the best course of action for our district will be to move our All State Auditions to Saturday September 30th. Auditions will still take place at Sarasota Middle School. The times that are posted will remain the same. 

2.  This is Homecoming Week. Tuesday is Back-to-School Night. We have a game Friday. You have the Dance on Saturday. I am adjusting rehearsal to give you time to enjoy the Spirit Week while still feeling good about our progress. I am gently setting up the schedule in a way that we can push forward with intensity while attending to the matters of school and family. We will not go into crisis mode. We have set a solid foundation. We will work hard as we expected to. Please be flexible, Please be ready!!!

Monday, September 18 - NO rehearsal
Tuesday (19) - FULL BAND/Guard rehearsal, 2:30-5, Back to School Night at 6pm afterwards.
Wednesday (20) - FULL BAND/GUARD rehearsal, 2:30-5
Thursday (21) - FULL BAND/GUARD rehearsal, 2:30-5
Friday (22) - FULL BAND/GUARD rehearsal, 2:30-5, Homecoming Game/Alumni Night!
Saturday (23) - Homecoming Dance!

Monday, September 25 - NO Rehearsal
Tuesday (26) - Percussion/Guard 6-9pm
Wednesday (27) - Woodwinds/Brass 2:30-5:30
Thursday (28) - FULL BAND/GUARD 3-5, 6-9
Friday (29) - Middle School Band Night! FULL BAND/GUARD 4pm Downbeat
Saturday (30) - FULL BAND/GUARD rehearsal 1-9, All-State Auditions @ SMS

Enjoy your weekend! I'll see you Monday!!!

Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands


I really miss all of you! 

I hope that your post-Irma time is being spent helping your family recover 100% from the effects of the storm. Water levels, loss of power, tree debris everywhere - whatever it is, be a productive part of the solution at home. 

I know you are all anxious to get to work. We have missed a lot of rehearsal time. Please know that our progress is foremost in my mind. Stay in touch with your leadership team and stay on task! Woodwinds - work on the Bach Divertimento, Brass - Download and learn the lot chorale (and listen to the sound file) that I am uploading to Charms in a moment - I've been up all night arranging it for you and now I'm working on your Pre-Show arrangement! Our Green Machine keeps rolling!

Pay close attention to the rehearsal schedule that I will post this evening: I am brainstorming ways that we can best continue our preparation for the competitive season. Schools all over Florida are facing hardships right now - we are not the only ones - we will handle it and excel!  Please keep in mind the time off that we have had, charge your batteries - we are going to PUSH hard between now and Oct 7! 

Please make sure that you are using this time to get on top/ahead of all of your academic demands - band consumes a lot of time in October, but a well-organized approach to managing your time will help you achieve MORE in your studies, not less. I want you to be successful in LIFE, not just band.

Enjoy your Thursday, Brass get to work on the Chorals, BAND, look for announcements tonight.

Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands