12/9/18 MMNs Week 17

Hello Band Family

We lost Mr. Michael Higdon today. Please join me in wishing his family and all of those whose lives he enriched the utmost Peace and Condolence. He was one of the best friends I have ever had and his vision and love for the marching arts has defined an era of the MMB. 20 years of service to our organization. 20 years of love for this band.

He will never be forgotten. He is already missed.

Ron Lambert Director Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

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12/1/18 MMNs Week 16

Hello Mustangs!

Busy times ahead – organization helps us keep it all manageable. Come out and support our amazing kids in all of their endeavors! There are lots of opportunities to see them showing what they have been working so hard to prepare.

See you soon!

Ron Lambert Director Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

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11/12/18 MMNs Week 14

Wow! What a rehearsal Mustangs!

Thanks so much for taking it all in and putting it into your performance. YOU make the difference. YOU are the Virtuoso. Let's keep it going.

THANK YOU ANDREW SHELTON. It means SO much that you were here tonight. Your band of brothers and sisters were inspired by your passion and work ethic. It was heart-warming to know that you wanted to be at rehearsal, giving 110% to your teammates. Sheltons, WE LOVE YOU! We are here for you. We will carry Tony with us onto the field Saturday! We will march for all of our loved ones.

The attached MMN includes the schedule for Friday and Saturday. PLEASE study it. PLEASE click the link for FMBC and look at maps, parking, ticket info, live streaming info and EVERYTHING associated with the State Championship!

I am sensitive to the costs and lack of healthy options involved with eating stadium concessions. I am also sensitive to the fact that we perform first at 8am. Please study the schedule to see when the kids will be fed. MMB STUDENTS WILL NEED NO MONEY FOR FOOD SATURDAY. LRBBA is providing snacks. Members should eat breakfast at home. You will receive 3 snacks: before we depart, when we arrive, and after we perform. We then return to the Ranch where students will GO HOME to rest and EAT – A LOT I hope. Read the rest of the MMN for the remaining details. GOAL: have well-rested, well-fed Mustangs without breaking the bank for junk food.

Bravo Band! Thanks again for tonight.

Ron Lambert Director Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

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11/5/18 MMNs Week 13

To everyone in Mustang BandLand:

  1. THANK YOU – for everything. 5 straight weeks of Competition – Hosting 2 Festivals. WOW!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS – To Eric and Ben, our 2018-19 All-State Mustangs!

  3. STAY TUNED – We are cancelling/re-scheduling Tuesday's LRBBA meeting for a later date.

  4. PLEASE – Continue to find love and inspiration in the time we spend together. #MustangBandStrong

  5. TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL – Practice, Care, Try, Achieve.

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Ron Lambert Director Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

Festival of Winds Logistics

A reminder to our University of South Florida Festival of Winds honorees to process the necessary registration materials: Please let me know ASAP if you are unable to attend so that your spot may be given to another student.

Student Registrations must be processed through the USF FOW online system. The deadline is Wednesday, October 31, 2018.


Student Payments must be processed through their online TouchNet portal. The deadline for Student Payments is Wednesday, October 31, 2018.


Student Information Packets, Master Schedules, and Required Forms can all be found on the Festival of Winds website under the “Student Info” tab.

Students are required to attend ALL festival events. Leaving for any reason, including SAT/ACT testing is not ok

Resident Participant Cost = $249.00 – NO REFUNDS once a payment has been made. Commuter Participant Cost = $209.00 – NO REFUNDS once a payment has been made.

Students must bring forms all forms with them to on-site registration.


Ron Lambert Director Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

10/29/18 MMNs Week 12

Hello Mustangs

Congratulations to our Marching Mustang Band for earning a STRAIGHT superior rating at this year's MPA! A beautiful show performed beautifully and awarded in every caption for its excellence. Amazing.

This week we celebrate the seniors: the class of 2019 has enjoyed an amazing 4-year run of class and consistency. Friday night, we will show them how much we appreciate all they have contributed to the Mustang Legacy. We Love You seniors!

Read and Post – there are a lot of details in this week's MMN. Let's get better in every class, every rehearsal. it's the Mustang Way!

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Ron Lambert Director Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

10/23/18 MMNs Week 11

Hello Band Family!

Congrats for all that you continue to achieve: you have flourished in very difficult times! There's so much to be proud of......

No time to rest however! We are working hard to get better in all of our classes and our marching band improves every day. Congratulations to the MMB for a 4th straight Braden River Grand Championship!!! Bravo Band.

Every year I am honored to nominate LRHS band kids for two prestigious honor bands, the USF Festival of Winds and the FSU Tri-State Festival. Those students exemplify quality musicianship, a high level of music reading ability, participation in solo and ensemble, take the initiative to participate in honor band and All-State Auditions and are from grades 10-12. Congratulations to this year's nominees: Scott Baker, Ethan Horn, Eric Miller, Hannah Miller, Victoria Pugh, Emma Tullio, Caroline Odell, Trey Thompson, Quinn Mitchel, Grace Hagopian, Olivia Karow, Emily Chandler, Sarah Dobbelaire, Sophie Botko, Chloe Armentrout, Madi McCoy, Jack Beatenhead and Matt Shelton. Students chosen from this group will be announced this afternoon!

We are the hosts of the FBA Marching MPA this weekend – signups for band guides are almost filled and set-up/tear-down crews register tonight at rehearsal. Get your community service hours now!!

As I explained to our band classes (and the reason for the MMN delay), I wanted to make an informed decision regarding the Sarasota game. Friday night will not only be wet weather, but heavy downpours and lightning are associated with the hurricane bands that are forecasted to reach the gulf. I won't lease trucks and buses and risk your safety and the equipment. A 60% chance is too strong with all of those stakes. We will have a thorough music rehearsal here at the Ranch and then rest up for the long Saturday to come.

MPA is very important tradition here at LRHS – let's work hard to have our very best performance Mustangs!

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Ron Lambert Director Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

10/14/18 MMNs Week 10

Hello Mustangs

Enjoy your extended weekend, you deserve it.

  1. Middle School Band Night was a huge success!

  2. Band Classes continue to grow – keep it up!

  3. Adversity has been a theme thus far and you have handled yourselves well. I am so Proud of you.

  4. Let's Go MMB! BOA Orlando was an amazing, new experience for our band family. VIRTUEosity is just starting to take flight! Your hard work over the next month will make a difference. You have so many more performances ahead so take it all in and resolve to be BETTER. One would be mistaken to think that you are even close to where you will be......your ATTITUDE determines your ALTITUDE.

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Ron Lambert Director Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

10/7/18 MMNs Week 9

Hi Mustangs!

LOTS of information in this weeks edition – lots going on. Please take some time to read and PREPARE. Surprises will overwhelm you with a rigorous schedule like ours! Reach out with any questions.

Check the New BOA Orlando 2018 Folder here in CHARMS for insight into the venue and schedule for our exciting Saturday competition! As always, more details will follow but there is a wealth of stuff there already! It will be a life-changing experience for you! Our band on a Grand Stage!

Friday is Middle School Band Night. We will have over 300 band kids in the stands here cheering our football team on! Don't miss it! If you have a 7th or 8th grader they should be here to experience a truly great youth activity. WE ARE WEARING PINK CANCER AWARENESS TEE SHIRTS AND SHORTS FOR THE GAME. Kids will receive them prior to rehearsal Friday. They will be collected after the game so plan on wearing a teeshirt underneath.

Let's Goooo!

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Ron Lambert Director Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

9/30/18 MMNs Week 8


I continue to be amazed by your determination. This band is comprised of a STRONG group of student musicians and performers. We are supported by a loving community of loved ones and Alumni.

I have one thing to say: Let's Gooooo!!!! The FUNdamentals period that began in for us in April is transitioning – Performance Season begins this week and doesn't let up until Spring Concerts and Recitals! It's time to show what you got Mustangs!

Read the MMN – post the MMN. There are LOTS of details and they are all important.

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Ron Lambert Director

Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

CORRECTION: Among the hundreds of deletes and calculations I make while composing the MMN, I missed an important detail. Initially I had report time at 12:30, as I worked my way down, in order to add Dinner time at Seminole I had to move the other times back but didn't get up to the first paragraph. Sorry.

On Saturday, the Band Room opens and Officers report at 11:30, Report time is 12 Noon.

9/23/18 MMNs Week 7

Thank You Band for serving so selflessly yesterday. It is one thing to say you will be there for someone in their time of need, it's another to follow through. Your efforts are felt and appreciated by so many! Please enjoy your family and friends the remainder of the weekend.

Special thanks to Mrs. Greene for assisting all of our All-State candidates today. Congratulations to you Mustangs!

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Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

9/17/18 Memorial Services for Matt Powers

Memorial Services for Matt Powers - 9/21-22/18

Service times are:

Visitation - Friday, September 21, 5-8PM
Funeral Service-Saturday, September 22, 3PM
Location for both: Living Lord Lutheran Church, 11107 Palmbrush Trail, Lakewood Ranch 

(SW intersection of Lakewood Ranch Boulevard and SR70)

The Marching Mustang Band will play at the conclusion of Matt’s service this Saturday. The Sign-Up sheet is posted on the band room door. Report times and travel arrangements will be posted once the sign-up process has ended (at the end of tomorrow’s rehearsal).

This will be a purely VOLUNTARY engagement. There is no obligation to participate; please feel free to attend the services as a non-playing member. We will honor Matt by playing the Alma Mater and then we will celebrate him by playing The Horse!

Performance Attire: 
Band - 
Full Uniforms, Show Shirts, Band Shoes, Long Black Socks, Gloves, SHAKOSGuard - Friday Nights/Keds

9/16/18 MMNs Week 6

Hello Mustangs

I am so sorry. Matt’s loss is still so fresh, raw and painful. We need to be together to begin the healing process. Our band family is a rock! We need to be there for the Powers family. I look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow. Mrs. Greene and I, Principal Little and his team, and vast counseling resources will be there for you!

I’m sending out the week in bullet points knowing that there are discussions to be had, and many many many feelings to consider. We will talk and then I will publish a full Monday music notes tomorrow evening. 

As you can imagine, there has not been a whole lot of sleep and with prior events of the week some scary moments. Turn to your family and in times of turmoil, love them even more. I’m glad I was able to today. I have to be honest and admit that I wasn’t positive I would be able to just a few short days ago. My doctor had some tough talk for me. Thanks for your support and performances Friday past and present MMB!

Week at a Glance:
Tuesday - Rehearsal 6-9pm
Thursday - Group, section and individual pictures 3-4:30pm
Thursday - Color Guard rehearsal 6-8 pm
Thursday - All-State Recital in the 500 bldg 6-8pm
Friday - Rehearsal 3-7pm
Saturday - All-State auditions
Saturday - Matt Powers services (volunteer group of LRHS MMB performs)

DETAILS for all of the above will be published tomorrow. 

Good Night,
Mr. Lambert

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Remembering Matt Powers

Hello to all of you in Mustang Bandland. I apologize for the late post. It is with a very heavy heart and with the blessing of the family that I must announce the passing of Sophomore Clarinet Matt Powers. His life was taken in an automobile accident on SR 64 and Pope earlier this evening that also involved another as of yet unidentified teenager. I do not know the condition of that young person. 

I am humbled and honored that the family chose us to respect his memory. I am humbled and honored to have spent countless days and hours watching Matt grow (not only as a musician but as a young man and in height - about 6 inches in a year!). I am humbled and honored because his dad told me tonight that band was the one thing that truly made Matt happy.

I Love You All; Students, Parents, and Alumni. Our Band Family is special, it is real and it is yours. There is no way to explain the feelings that will rush over us and through YOU in the coming days. There will be counselors and support structures in place when we get to school Monday to assist with our grief. The Band Room will be open to you. It is your home and a place where you can be safe.

The Mustang Band Family will be strong for the Powers family. We will support them and love them, and when the time comes, we will take part in his memorial. Please stay connected as those details become available. Please join in a collective prayer for comfort and peace. Please hold on to each other tighter than ever because Matt Powers would want that. He loved being a Mustang Band Kid! 

My email address is lambertr@manateeschools.net, my cell phone is 813-767-2465. If you need me or anything, contact me. I am staying connected to Mr. Powers and am taking his lead throughout the coming days. Our outward actions will take place accordingly.

Sincerely Yours,
Mr. Lambert

9/10/18 MMNs Week 5

Good Morning, It's Homecoming Week!!!

ALUMNI - you are receiving this week's MMN because we want to see YOU at the GAME!! We want you to jam all night in the stands with us and see what the 2018 MMB is up to! These kids can play. Please Arrive at the band room at 6pm to receive an instrument, stretch those hamstrings and warm up those chops!! You're not as young as you used to be :)  I can't wait to see you.

Thanks to the many helping hands the made our trip to Southeast HS successful. We thrive because of your support.

Formal Wear fitting tomorrow. BRING YOUR CHECK.

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Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

8/26/18 MMN Week 3

Hello Mustangs

Thanks for a GREAT weekend filled with Friday Night Lights excitement and Saturday Pageantry. What a Band!!!! 

Please take a moment and read every detail of the MMN. I have made a few changes to the schedule that I am sure will benefit all of you: I always listen, consider and observe so that your experience can be the best. We work hard, but managing a class schedule, activities (such as band) and family/fun prepares you for success in life. You Can Do It!

We take VIRTUEosity on the road this week as we travel to Bayshore HS. Panels and the Piano will be in as well as uniforms so the show is really taking shape!

Let's have another great week Mustangs!

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Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands



8/19/18 MMN Week 2

Good Evening Mustangs

It's a game Week!!!! It's a Camp week! We are getting better every day! READ your MMN. Post the things that you need to in order to stay organized and informed. Here we Go!

A HUGE Thank You to the LRBBA volunteers that were with us this past week fitting uniforms, fixing props, taking pictures and everything else that helps our kids have a great band experience. We couldn't do this like this without YOU!!!!

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Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

8/13/18 MMN WEEK 1! Here we go Mustangs!!

Hello Band Family

What an amazing summer! Band and Drum Corps have taken 110\% of my time. Now that World Championships are over, I am looking forward to seeing my family! That of course includes you and all of the members of the LRHS band classes. WE BEGIN TOMORROW!

There are lots of details to follow in the coming days. Here is the MMN to get you going

2018-19 will be another GREAT year for the Bands of Lakewood Ranch!

Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands