IMPORTANT Sunday evening Message from Mr. Lambert


Hello Band Family!

THANK YOU for an AMAZING Week! I promise to get a very detailed MMN to you Tomorrow. For me, today was about reflection on the Incredible week we just had, lesson planning for the incredible week to come, VOTING, and FAMILY. Notice I didn’t say rest. I’ve got to do that now. This cough has to go. I’m typing and eating dinner at the same time because I have something important to discuss with you……….

My message tonight is a simple one. PLEASE register for the Spring Trip. A LOT of work went into making it short enough to allow for a FULL spring break, but long enough to offer variety and FUN for everyone in the band program. I need a Wind Ensemble, 2 Jazz Bands and a Marching Band/Color Guard to fulfill the performance contracts that we have with the Disney and Universal corporations. I want every Concert and Symphonic Band student to have the chance to experience what those other groups do routinely and what see what it takes to be a part of those types of exposure opportunities.

There are currently 96 people signed up. Our initial plan called for 140, I would love to see 200 (students and parents). I know that there are many of you who plan to go but haven’t taken care of the paperwork. PLEASE DO.

I have requested a check-off sheet from trip coordinator Leslee Odell ( so that I can have discreet follow-up conversations with members of the ensembles mentioned above that have not yet registered. Parents, if you have ANY questions, please contact her.

We have proven that travel is a great way to celebrate and expand the image of Lakewood Ranch Bands; let’s take advantage of this great opportunity in March 2017!

This week, we focus on a great State Championship Effort for MMB. Details to follow tomorrow. Go to the CHARMS calendar to see some details.

Tuesday – 6-9 Rehearsal

Wednesday – 2:30-5 Rehearsal

Thursday – 3-10 Rehearsal and Parent Show (kids are ON campus entire time)

Friday – 9-12 Morning Rehearsal

Saturday 9am to Sunday 1am - FMBC State Marching Band Championships