I really miss all of you! 

I hope that your post-Irma time is being spent helping your family recover 100% from the effects of the storm. Water levels, loss of power, tree debris everywhere - whatever it is, be a productive part of the solution at home. 

I know you are all anxious to get to work. We have missed a lot of rehearsal time. Please know that our progress is foremost in my mind. Stay in touch with your leadership team and stay on task! Woodwinds - work on the Bach Divertimento, Brass - Download and learn the lot chorale (and listen to the sound file) that I am uploading to Charms in a moment - I've been up all night arranging it for you and now I'm working on your Pre-Show arrangement! Our Green Machine keeps rolling!

Pay close attention to the rehearsal schedule that I will post this evening: I am brainstorming ways that we can best continue our preparation for the competitive season. Schools all over Florida are facing hardships right now - we are not the only ones - we will handle it and excel!  Please keep in mind the time off that we have had, charge your batteries - we are going to PUSH hard between now and Oct 7! 

Please make sure that you are using this time to get on top/ahead of all of your academic demands - band consumes a lot of time in October, but a well-organized approach to managing your time will help you achieve MORE in your studies, not less. I want you to be successful in LIFE, not just band.

Enjoy your Thursday, Brass get to work on the Chorals, BAND, look for announcements tonight.

Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands