9/18/17 MMN's Week 5

Hello Mustangs

Band Kids: Let's go! It's time to show our RESOLVE in the face of trying circumstances! A little weather can't stop us!! You have worked so hard thus far to create the makings of a special year. let's keep building! Practice Perfectly - Perfect Practice makes Perfect Performance.

Ranch Hands and Chaperones - please plan on coming as early as possible Friday (we rehearse 2:30-5, then eat and have the Homecoming game). This will be a great opportunity to start getting our systems in place. I hope to have the majority of the props in for Friday so our post-game performance will be a stress-free run.  Stay tuned for more details from your coordinators!

ALL- STATE kids: It is time to start coming by my office to play for me. I am very interested to hear how your scales and excerpts are coming along - Auditions are the 30th!

See you all this week! These are exciting times in LRHS Bandland!

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Ron Lambert
Lakewood Ranch HS Bands