9/16/18 MMNs Week 6

Hello Mustangs

I am so sorry. Matt’s loss is still so fresh, raw and painful. We need to be together to begin the healing process. Our band family is a rock! We need to be there for the Powers family. I look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow. Mrs. Greene and I, Principal Little and his team, and vast counseling resources will be there for you!

I’m sending out the week in bullet points knowing that there are discussions to be had, and many many many feelings to consider. We will talk and then I will publish a full Monday music notes tomorrow evening. 

As you can imagine, there has not been a whole lot of sleep and with prior events of the week some scary moments. Turn to your family and in times of turmoil, love them even more. I’m glad I was able to today. I have to be honest and admit that I wasn’t positive I would be able to just a few short days ago. My doctor had some tough talk for me. Thanks for your support and performances Friday past and present MMB!

Week at a Glance:
Tuesday - Rehearsal 6-9pm
Thursday - Group, section and individual pictures 3-4:30pm
Thursday - Color Guard rehearsal 6-8 pm
Thursday - All-State Recital in the 500 bldg 6-8pm
Friday - Rehearsal 3-7pm
Saturday - All-State auditions
Saturday - Matt Powers services (volunteer group of LRHS MMB performs)

DETAILS for all of the above will be published tomorrow. 

Good Night,
Mr. Lambert

Fo your Full Monday Music Notes, Please click HERE