Remembering Matt Powers

Hello to all of you in Mustang Bandland. I apologize for the late post. It is with a very heavy heart and with the blessing of the family that I must announce the passing of Sophomore Clarinet Matt Powers. His life was taken in an automobile accident on SR 64 and Pope earlier this evening that also involved another as of yet unidentified teenager. I do not know the condition of that young person. 

I am humbled and honored that the family chose us to respect his memory. I am humbled and honored to have spent countless days and hours watching Matt grow (not only as a musician but as a young man and in height - about 6 inches in a year!). I am humbled and honored because his dad told me tonight that band was the one thing that truly made Matt happy.

I Love You All; Students, Parents, and Alumni. Our Band Family is special, it is real and it is yours. There is no way to explain the feelings that will rush over us and through YOU in the coming days. There will be counselors and support structures in place when we get to school Monday to assist with our grief. The Band Room will be open to you. It is your home and a place where you can be safe.

The Mustang Band Family will be strong for the Powers family. We will support them and love them, and when the time comes, we will take part in his memorial. Please stay connected as those details become available. Please join in a collective prayer for comfort and peace. Please hold on to each other tighter than ever because Matt Powers would want that. He loved being a Mustang Band Kid! 

My email address is, my cell phone is 813-767-2465. If you need me or anything, contact me. I am staying connected to Mr. Powers and am taking his lead throughout the coming days. Our outward actions will take place accordingly.

Sincerely Yours,
Mr. Lambert