9/17/18 Memorial Services for Matt Powers

Memorial Services for Matt Powers - 9/21-22/18

Service times are:

Visitation - Friday, September 21, 5-8PM
Funeral Service-Saturday, September 22, 3PM
Location for both: Living Lord Lutheran Church, 11107 Palmbrush Trail, Lakewood Ranch 

(SW intersection of Lakewood Ranch Boulevard and SR70)

The Marching Mustang Band will play at the conclusion of Matt’s service this Saturday. The Sign-Up sheet is posted on the band room door. Report times and travel arrangements will be posted once the sign-up process has ended (at the end of tomorrow’s rehearsal).

This will be a purely VOLUNTARY engagement. There is no obligation to participate; please feel free to attend the services as a non-playing member. We will honor Matt by playing the Alma Mater and then we will celebrate him by playing The Horse!

Performance Attire: 
Band - 
Full Uniforms, Show Shirts, Band Shoes, Long Black Socks, Gloves, SHAKOSGuard - Friday Nights/Keds