9/30/18 MMNs Week 8


I continue to be amazed by your determination. This band is comprised of a STRONG group of student musicians and performers. We are supported by a loving community of loved ones and Alumni.

I have one thing to say: Let's Gooooo!!!! The FUNdamentals period that began in for us in April is transitioning – Performance Season begins this week and doesn't let up until Spring Concerts and Recitals! It's time to show what you got Mustangs!

Read the MMN – post the MMN. There are LOTS of details and they are all important.

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Ron Lambert Director

Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

CORRECTION: Among the hundreds of deletes and calculations I make while composing the MMN, I missed an important detail. Initially I had report time at 12:30, as I worked my way down, in order to add Dinner time at Seminole I had to move the other times back but didn't get up to the first paragraph. Sorry.

On Saturday, the Band Room opens and Officers report at 11:30, Report time is 12 Noon.