MMN Week 8 10/26/16

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Monday Music Notes – 9/26/16

Away Football Friday Night at Palmetto HS, Saturday MMB Camp and more great band class days in this week’s MMN……

LRHS Concert/Jazz Bands

Classes resume Monday with an ODD day schedule. We will continue to work the performance fundamentals of TONE production, Musical terms, concepts and great literature!

Concert and Symphonic Band

Concert Band – continue to adopt the standards of our band program.

I am very proud of the job you have done so far: there is still much work to do but the future is bright because of our talented 9th graders. Practice hard and Rehearse Well!

Symphonic Band - Focus on FUNdamentals!

Wind Ensemble - get better EVERY rehearsal!

LRHS Jazz Kids

This will be our last week of Jazz Theory and Improv as a mass group. Next week will be the first split into Advanced and Intermediate Jazz 1 and 2 groups! We are working hard on the BLUES this week, understanding the form and scales involved.

Mustang Marching Band

We are getting better every day. Thanks for working hard and following directions Marching Mustangs! That’s they way Champions go about their business.

Four very important rehearsal days this week and then a great opportunity to Perform our show and bring Spirit to our Team at Palmetto HS on Friday Night! Saturday we will work hard to make 12 Seconds to the Moon a polished and entertaining production that will present well for the audience and judges at our first competition, just 13 days away at Newsome HS in Tampa!

Tuesday: 6-9pm Rehearsal

Wednesday: Sectionals with check-offs (MVP#3 - 12 Seconds L to the end)

Thursday: 6-9pm Rehearsal

Friday: Palmetto Away Football Game

Saturday: MMB Camp 1-8

100% attendance needed, 110% effort expected!

Please sleep, eat healthy and Hydrate! Count on significant outside time.

Be ready with water bottles, bug spray and proper rehearsal attire. Your rehearsal etiquette and attention need to be at an all-time high as we prepare for our October 8th FMBC regional competition at Newsome HS!

Away Game versus Palmetto High School!

The Band will be in full uniform: Show Shirts, Long Black socks, gloves (with fingers clipped for WW), Marching Shoes, White Caps and conforming makeup and hair. Our Color Guard will wear 12 Seconds to The Moon uniforms for the whole night. Band Girls will wear a SINGLE French braid.

Flip-Folder Music

Check your folder to see that you have the following: The small version of Alma Mater, National Anthem, Fight Song. Let’s Go Mustangs, Lake-Wood-Ranch, Charge, Go Mustangs, Go Cheer, Hey Song, The Horse, John Cena, Iron Man/Mortal Combat, Hang On Sloopy, Bend Me Shape Me among other fun stands tunes. See your section leader and/or band librarians for help.

Drill Shirts and Dot Books are required for ALL rehearsals this week.

 Palmetto HS away Football game!

2:05pm – School day ends 3:30pm - Percussion, Guard and Winds report for set-up and brass polish, FLIP TAG, stretch 4:15pm - Rehearse 12 Seconds to The Moon 5:00pm - Dress out, Load Trailers

5:50pm – Inspection at Flag Poles 6:00pm – Depart for Palmetto HS

6:30pm – Arrive & Unload, in the stands seated for National Anthem by 7:10pm

7:30pm – Kickoff vs, the PHS Tigers

11:00pm – Arrive at the Ranch, unload trailers then Dismiss

MMB Away Game Expectations

The Mustang Trailers


With cased instrument in hand, form a single line in reverse score order (brass then woodwinds), away from the back of the trailer. Tuba and Drum line load at the side door. Tubas and drum line will be asked to come to the back of the trailer first. Once tubas and drum line are loaded, ranch hands will call for everybody else. Bring the line to the back of the trailer and become an assembly line handing each case, one at a time, until all cases are loaded. Demerits CAN be issued by ranch hands for horseplay or disrespect.


Form a single line in reverse score order (brass then woodwinds), away from the back of the trailer with the tubas and drum line at the side door. When you are handed your case, place it on the ground in front of you and continue passing cases until all cases are unloaded. At that time drum majors, will dismiss the line to unpack or put instruments away. At performances, leave cases on the ground and report to arcs. Ranch Hands will help load the cases on the trailers. If there is prop trailer, stay clear of the back of the trailer while Ranch Hands unload.

The Mustang Buses

Bus Captains

Bus Captains are chosen from amongst the officers and assigned to each bus. Their job is to take attendance and monitor the behavior and cleanliness of the bus. Chaperones will speak to the bus Capt. first if any problem occurs. Bus Captains will pick up their bus clipboard before going to the bus and are responsible for returning it to the band office once we return home. Bus Captains are released first from inspection so they can be at the bus doors. Bus captains have authority. They can issue demerits.

Bus Riding Rules

All school rules and policies apply when riding the buses:

Keep head and hands inside the bus, NEVER throw anything out of a school bus window!

No food or drink is to be taken on the bus unless authorized by the director/bus drivers.

Rude behavior , Abusive language, swearing, screaming, or loud whistling is NOT permitted.

Check around your bus before it leaves and after it arrives to be sure you take all equipment.

Each bus is to be checked for equipment & any trash we may have left on the bus.

Students are to be completely quiet when approaching and crossing Railroad Tracks.

No students will be permitted to sit under a blanket! PDA Schools Rules apply!!!!

Cheering and singing is usually allowed depending on your driver. Ask if in doubt.

Demerits are announced by the bus captains upon arrival at LRHS; they will dismiss you once you have completed the following tasks:

1) Clean The Bus (Bus captain will

dismiss you).

2) Assist Uniform moms with collecting uniforms.

3) Assist with cleaning and setting up the band room.

In The Stands

Mr. Lambert’s policy for stands tunes is Everybody, All the Time.

Let’s max that standard out! We are the example for other students to follow. If we are lively the Student section will be too! Remember WE are there to support the TEAM and cheer them on. SPIRIT means Awesomeness and Excellence, not chaos. Have your music ready at a moment's notice. You are responsible for your instrument at all times. Stand in front of the seats. When it is time to play, stand on the seats with equal spacing between you. When the Drum Line plays a cadence, DANCE!

Third Quarter Break

It is our tradition (home and away) to allow you to take a break during the third quarter to get a drink and something to eat, so bring money. You must return to our stands ASAP after visiting the concession, rest rooms and supporting the Drumline show. Drum-Offs STOP before there are 4-minutes remaining in the 3rd Quarter so that we can be SET to play The Horse on the downbeat of the 4th Quarter. No ifs, ands or buts.

Anyone not ready to play on time will lose next week’s 3rd Quarter privilege.

After The Game

When the clock goes to zero signaling the end of the game, we play our Fight Song w/great spirit and precision, win or lose. Once the football team is ready, they come over to us and we play the Alma Mater to/for them. Afterwards, we form the tunnel back then march in 2 files to the buses. There shall be NO horse-play here! Once Mr. Lambert is done with final announcements we load and return to The Ranch. When we are FINISHED unpacking at home you will be dismissed.

There is a 30-minute pick-up window for rides after the band is dismissed. Please have your rides coordinated so that you are not the only one left late into the night. Parents can plan to pick you up at approximately 11:30pm. Band members are never released early (unless there is bad weather and the game is called).

The details listed above are there for you so that your band experience can be POSITIVE and ORGANIZED. YOU are responsible for everything outlined in the MMN. Help us ALL have a great year by taking care of YOUR personal needs and by being ACCOUNTABLE for the guidelines of the LRHS Band Program.

Your director and staff work hard for you because we BELIEVE in YOU!



System + Spirit = SUCCESS!

The Best and Brightest Kids are Mustang Band Kids!

Hit those Books!

Great Grades make the music possible.