Show Music Update - DCI in the Theaters - Band Room Clean Up Day!!!

Hello LRHS Band Family

I hope that you are enjoying your summer, I certainly am. Happy Father's Day to all of our Mustang Band Dads! Here are 3 important announcements for this week.

First, For Marching Band Students and staff, I would like to have you place rehearsal letters into your show music. Since our show is written as one through-composed piece of music, it is important to have these "scenes" marked to facilitate phrasing and movement chunks: A - 9 B - 27 C - 45 D - 54 E - 68 F - 83 G - 91 H - 119 I - 137 J - 161 K - 187 L - 198 M - 228 N - 246 O - 259 Please write these in to your music and then practice in these segments so that learning the drill will be a MUSICAL and PHYSICAL experience for you, making it easier to internalize the emotion and then project it in PERFORMANCE.

Secondly, the Drum Corps International Season kicks off this Thursday, June 23rd. The first show of the season (in Indianapolis) is called the DCI Tour Premiere. It is carried in theaters all over the country and features 8 of the world's finest Drum Corps. We have several students and staff involved with these groups - Mason, Grace, Ian, KateKo, Spanky, Zack, Matt Durst, Kaylyn, Sara Myers and John Lluvera!

In years past, Sarasota 20 was the closest theater to attend. Carmike Royal Palm 20 on state road 70 will also broadcast this year and is extending a group discount to us. All you have to do is say that you are in the LRHS Marching Band and show you ID, and you will pay 13.00 instead of 15.00! Section leaders - Organize a big group for the outing as sections or as the entire band! It really is cool to see the best in the world doing what we do. It is Awe-inspiring and motivational. I would love to have as many of you there for this educational opportunity!

You can find more information here:

The Third and last announcement is our Clean Up/Org day here in the Band Room Saturday June 25th from 8am-12pm. I am asking the boosters that agreed to come and help at our Booster meeting (as well as any MMB Officers that can come) to assist us as we take care of some important organization of the uniform room, band room and band portable. We will start early to avoid the heat of the day and to leave a significant portion of the day for other activities. Dress in comfortable, light materials that you know will machine wash!

Continue to enjoy your families and your free time. Spend time throughout the summer to keep your body and mind sharp for our activity, be safe and have FUN. Practice your music when you feel motivated, knowing that the expectation is for you to be able to play through the entire show when you return. If any of you need to come to school to get an instrument, I will be happy to meet you here!

Ron Lambert Director Lakewood Ranch HS Bands

This email has been sent via Charms Office Assistant on behalf of: Lakewood Ranch HS Band PO Box 110354 Lakewood Ranch, FL 34211