MMN Week 13 10/31/16

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Monday BOOOOOOsic Notes – 10/31/16

In this week’s MMN…… SENIOR NIGHT, LRBBA Meeting, Band Pix, Music In Motion FMBC Regional!

Marching Mustangs

There are less than 2 WEEKS until State Championships. I need your dedication and commitment to make our run to States go Smoothly and Productively. Please continue to sleep well, eat healthy and Hydrate! Count on significant outside time and almost always moving and playing. Take care of your chops! Water bottles, bug spray and DRILL SHIRTS!!

In order to compete with the best 4A bands in the state YOU must believe that WE need a Laser-Focus on Discipline, Characteristic Sounds, Amazing Blend, Kleen Beetz and MORE AIR!! I’m having fun getting better every day with you, and now it’s time for you to hold yourself accountable. RESPECT yourself, RESPECT the bandroom, RESPECT your director and staff. RESPECT and support your teammates, don’t let US down.

Week of October 31

Monday – Happy Halloween!

Tuesday - 6-9pm Rehearsal, LRBBA meeting in BandRoom, 7:30pm

Wednesday - 2:30-5pm Rehearsal

Thursday – Marching Band Pictures 5-6:45pm, Rehearsal 7-9pm


Saturday - 9am-1pm Rehearsal, LRHS FMBC Music in Motion Show!

FRIDAY: Senior Night Game vs. DeSoto HS!!

We will honor the graduating students who have been a part of our band family this week. Once the last senior has walked across the field, the band will play the National Anthem and Fight Song. Seniors will immediately go to the trailers to take pictures with their families and then Mr. Lambert will join them for a few shots while the rest of the band moves into the stands.


Band Parents attending MUST pay admission. Athletic parents have been told the same thing.

Senior night activities may be shifted to halftime. AD Shawn Trent would really like to make this happen because of the large senior class in all of our groups this year. I will have final determination tomorrow after a final conference with him. I will send out a follow-up email IF there is a change. THE RECEPTION WILL STILL HAPPEN AT 5:30, PICTURES WILL STILL HAPPEN DURING 1ST QTR.

The Band and Guard will wear full uniform. Show Shirts, Long Black socks, gloves (with fingers clipped for WW), Marching Shoes and conforming makeup and hair for the game. Band Girls will wear a SINGLE French braid. MMB KIDS IN BIBBERS/CAPS FOR FRIDAY REHEARSAL

4:00pm – MMB Report, Dress Out. Percussion and Guard Move to Asphalt

4:45pm - Percussion WarmUp Downbeat on the Asphalt 50, Guard in the Inferno, Winds Stretch

5:00pm – Full Band In Warm-up Arcs MVP 1, 2, 3, 4, 11. Winds F/Bb Tuning, Chord Chorale

5:15pm – 12 Seconds Run Through on the Asphalt

5:30pm – Senior Parents Arrive, enjoy reception in the Band Room. Load Trailers, move to the Stadium

6:30pm – Inspection, March to the stadium, Band into seats, Seniors along the back of field w/parents

7:00pm – 2016 Senior Night Celebration!!

7:20pm – Star Spangled Banner from the Stands - Seniors go to Trailers for Photos

10:30pm – Dismissal.

SATURDAY: Mustang Music In Motion FMBC Regional!!

Every November Our parent association LRBBA, along with the friends and families of our program pull out all of the stops to host one of Florida’s premiere band competitions. This year will be no different. Saturday’s event looks to be awesome with 13 performing groups! Invite everyone you know to support the event.

It is one of our biggest fundraisers!

Sign Up Sheets for NON-Marching Band Volunteers and Marching Band Set-Up/Tear Down Kids are on the band office door. Those students help to serve as band guides, judge runners and helping hands to the LRHS directors, parents and alumni who run the show. I am looking for 12 (6 pairs) Mustangs to be Band Guides and several more to assist with other duties – sign up if you want to be a part of the show! 12 Community service hours will be given to those students involved!!!

A set up crew of 10 LRHS Marching Band students will assist me with the preparations and tear-down needed to transform our campus into a show site. A Pizza Lunch will be provided for this crew immediately following our Morning Rehearsal. You can expect to be dismissed by 2:30pm.

Music In Motion Schedule of Events:

8am – Band room Opens

9am-1pm - MMB Rehearsal in Stadium

12pm - Adults meet for Set Up of Admin and Lights in Practice Area

1pm - Pizza for adults and MMB kids staying for Set-Up Crew

1:30-2:30pm - Kids Set Up Stadium with Mr. Lambert

5:00pm - Adult and Band Student Volunteers Report to the Admin Office

5:15pm - Judges Report to the Admin Office

8:00pm - MMB Report to the Band Room – Dress Out, Pit Moves to Courtyard (our spot)

8:45pm – MMB Meeting in our Courtyard Rehearsal Spot

9:15pm – Battery/Winds/Guard Warm Up in Field A, Pit Courtyard

9:45pm – Band Leave Warm Up, Pit Move to Gate

10:10pm – GATE

10:15pm – 12 Seconds to the Moon!

10:30pm – Drumline Plays Cadences on the track while Drum Majors Set Up for Retreat

10:45pm – Awards

11:15pm – SetUp Crew becomes Tear-Down Crew w/Mr. Lambert , Band Cleans BR

12:00am - Dismissal

The details listed above are there for you so that your band experience can be POSITIVE and ORGANIZED. YOU are responsible for everything outlined in the MMN. Help us ALL have a great year by taking care of YOUR personal needs and by being ACCOUNTABLE for the guidelines of the LRHS Band Program.

Your director and staff work hard for you because we BELIEVE in YOU!



System + Spirit = SUCCESS!

The Best and Brightest Kids are Mustang Band Kids!

Great Grades make the music possible.