Monday Music Notes – 8/29/16

FORMAL WEAR fitting for concert and Jazz Band Students, HOME GAME procedures, Saturday 9/3 Mini Camp Cancelled, and lots more in this week’s MMN…… Social Media Advisory: Mustangs, now that the school year is in full swing, I want to remind you about my Social Media policy.
I have ZERO tolerance for any social media behavior or text thread/group chats that are Defamatory, Profane or that can be determined to be bullying. That goes for group chats, Reminds, FB, IG, Twitter, Snap, etc. Think BEFORE YOU HIT SEND. If it has anything to do with the Bands of LR, KEEP IT CLEAN. Don’t test this policy. Our band is a safe place for everyone.LRHS Concert/Jazz Bands Classes resume Monday with an EVEN day schedule. We will continue to work the performance fundamentals of TONE production, Musical terms/concepts and SCALES! Playing Tests in Wind Ensemble and Symphonic BandFriday!FORMAL WEAR FITTING Mrs. Lisa Edenfield will be in TWICE this week: during 3rd and 5th period Thursday then 2nd and 4th period on Friday to give custom fittings for our Concert and Jazz Band students. This is a one-time purchase that will give you formal wear you can use for years to come! Please make sure that you review the flyer that came home re: Formal Wear and that you have the 85.00 check made out to Lisa Edenfield with you at the fitting!!Signed Performance Calendar sheets are due BY Monday, 8/29 at the end of the school day. I am firm with assignments like this because that stresses the importance of accountability and responsibility with our band students. It is important that you are always up to date with coming events to avoid the stress of conflicts!Marching Band
 I am very proud of your efforts this past Friday. Mother Nature can be unpredictable, but our Standard of Excellence is always on point! The 3-7pm rehearsal was fun and productive, and our musicianship continues to improve. Make up your mind to be part of a 4A championship run. I’m all in. I need you to be as well. This is an AMAZING marching band!We are now in an important stretch of rehearsal and game weeks. Come in to Tuesday’s rehearsal ready to work! Part 3 drill is going on the field Tuesday!Saturday’s mini-camp has been cancelled due to conflicts with the Labor Day Holiday and the unpredictable reports of Tropical Storms later in the week. That simply means we will bear down and get the work done during the week. Please sleep well, eat a healthy and Hydrate! Count on significant outside time, be ready with water bottles, bug spray and proper rehearsal attire.Full Band sectionals Wednesday, 2:30-5pm. Check off segment B-H, MVP 1, Copland Chorale Home Game versus Bayshore High School!

The Band will be in full uniform for the first time this season! Show Shirts, Long Black socks, gloves (with fingers clipped for WW), Marching Shoes and conforming makeup and hair for the Bayshore game. Our ColorGuard will wear Friday night Unis for the first time along with approved (by me) hair and makeup and white Keds. Band Girls will wear a SINGLE French braid. Demerits are in effect for weekly Rehearsal and Inspection infractions. Please refer to your band packet handbook (pgs. 1-8) to make sure that you have everything you need (hair, makeup, jewelry and garments) at all times.Drill Shirts and Dot Books are required for ALL rehearsals this week.Weekly Schedule At A Glance

 5:30pm – Officers & Section Leaders Meeting
 6pm to 9pm – Marching Band Rehearsal


 2:30pm to 5:00pm – Sectional w/check-offs. 6pm – Back to School Night for Parents

 5:30pm – Officers & Section Leaders Meeting
 6 to 9pm – Marching Band Rehearsal

 Bayshore Football GAME
Percussion and Guard always report 30min early. Rehearsal in show shirts/shorts/tennis shoes 4:00pm - MMB Report time, Percussion Downbeat 4:05pm – Winds Stretch in Warm-up Arcs 4:15pm – Rehearse 12 Seconds segments 5:15pm – Review Pregame sequence 5:30pm – Dress out, Load Trailers 6:30pm - Inspection 7:12pm - PREGAME 10:30pm – DismissalKey MMB Thoughts: 1. RESPECT yourself, RESPECT your teammates, RESPECT the Bandroom (and Mr. Lambert). 2. WORK hard, have FUN! 3. Marching Mustangs are AWESOME! 4. You CAN Do It! 5. You are NEVER ALONE. You have friends, staff and parents all around that CARE! LRHS MMB Home Game Expectations……In The Stands
 Mr. Lambert’s policy for stands tunes is Everybody, All the Time. Let’s max that standard out! We are the example for other students to follow. If we are lively the Student section will be too! Remember WE are there to support the TEAM and cheer them on. SPIRIT means Awesomeness and Excellence, not chaos.Have your music ready at a moment's notice. You are responsible for your instrument at all times. Stand in front of the seats while cheering. When it is time to play, stand on the seats with equal spacing between you with all bells focused in the same direction. When the Drumline plays a cadence, DANCE!Third Quarter Break
 It is our tradition (home and away) to allow you to take a break during the third quarter to get a drink and something to eat, so bring money. You must return to our stands ASAP after visiting the concession, rest rooms and supporting the Drumline show. Drum-Offs STOP before there are 4-minutes remaining in the 3rd Quarter so that we can be SET to play The Horse on the downbeat of the 4th Quarter. No ifs, ands or buts. Anyone not ready to play on time will lose next week’s 3rd Quarter privilege.After The Game
 Once the football team is ready, they come over to our section and we play the Alma Mater to/for them. Afterwards, we form the tunnel on the track, march back in 2s and assemble in arcs at the flagpoles. There shall be NO horse-play here! Your safety crossing the road is Priority # 1! You will be dismissed after final announcements. The Band Room must be left Monday-Morning clean!

There is a 30-minute pick-up window for rides after the band is dismissed. Please have your rides coordinated so that you are not the only one left late into the night. Parents can plan to pick you up at approximately 10:30pm. Band members are never released early (unless there is bad weather and the game is called).

We are a GREAT Band Program with a Tradition of Excellence - Let’s make this The Best Year Ever!