On this page we hope to offer you answers to questions that people have asked along the way. Usually the answer is "Please check the Monday Music Notes" but sometimes it's not. If you have a question (with or without the answer) that you would like to submit, we'd love to add it. Please email it to: technology@lakewoodranchbands.org


What's the MMN and why is it important? The MMN is our Monday Music Notes email from Mr. Lambert. He will outline everything that is needed to know or be done for our Mustangs that week. Please be sure to read it. It's not mandatory to tape it to the bathroom mirror, but not discouraged ;) 

What's a LRBBA? LRBBA stands for Lakewood Ranch Band Booster Association.

I need to return forms. Where do I return them to? You can send the forms into school with your child to place in Mr. Lambert's office. If there is a check attached, please have your child put the paperwork (in an envelope) and deposit into the slot on the safe, behind his door. If they are unsure, they can ask an experienced band member or Mr. Lambert. If you'd rather hand it to someone, we are always available to our Mustang family. Come to a meeting, or email us! We will do whatever we can to help. 

I want to volunteer. I have no idea what to do or how to sign up. We not only LOVE our volunteers but we NEED them! Our band program relies on our volunteers to function smoothly. Or at all, really. We need volunteers in all areas: chaperones, uniforms, Ranch Hands (on the field with props & percussion), fundraising, and CONCESSION!  Our concession stand is a huge fundraiser for us and needs help during football season as well as soccer season. It's ok if you don't know how to do something, our current volunteers will teach you. It's not hard at all, you'll be a vertran volunteer in no time. To sign up, please visit Charms and click on 'volunteers'. Choose any and all volunteer opportunities that you can. Husbands, wives, students, grandparents, friends, we'd love you all to join us.